Safari Turbocharger Systems for 4WD diesel offroad vehicles


Safari Diesel Intercooled Turbocharger System for the Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series 1HZ diesel engine (HZJ105)

Diesel engine efficiency on Toyota's 1HZ engine is legendary but as most diesel owners know only too well, the downside is somewhat leisurely performance especially when towing. 

Not anymore!  

The Safari professionally developed and engineered Safari Intercooled Turbo System for Toyota's HZJ105 100 Series Landcruiser 1HZ diesel delivers amazing performance. 

With thousands of Safari 1HZ turbo systems out there on the roads and tracks all over the planet, Safari is the only manufacturer of intercooled turbocharger systems with the deep understanding of this engine and the engineering expertise to offer the most reliable and powerful turbo enhancement for the 100 Series 1HZ diesel engine. In fact, we've completely redesigned our intercooled turbo system to match it specifically for the additional weight, different gearing, frontal area and vehicle dynamics of the 100 Series Toyota Landcruiser HZJ105. 

For overtaking, towing or touring, the Safari Intercooled Turbo System transforms the vehicle with power and torque you may have never thought achievable. 

Safari Intercooled Turbo System utilizes a high performance Safari split pulse turbocharger with a split pulse ductile iron exhaust manifold and a high flow, Safari engineered cast aluminium compressor and discharge duct. Braided stainless steel, teflon lined water and oil lines are used throughout along with the best quality custom fittings. 
The Intercooled Advantage

Why intercooled? It is a basic law of physics that when you compress air you increase it's temperature. As hot air is less dense than cool air at the same pressure, the total amount of air available to sustain the correct air/fuel ratio and to produce power is lessened. With other un-intercooled turbocharger or supercharger systems, the only way to overcome this is to increase boost thereby compromising the reliability of the engine. Worst of all, at high ambient temperatures, the level of power drops off by 15%. 

Not anymore! 

At Safari, all of our engineering experience and expertise has gone into our 100 Series front mount intercooler which offers massive cooling capacity.  The high efficiency internally finned heat exchanger intercooler core utilizes light weight cast aluminium end tanks and offers exceptional efficiency and low restriction. 

That, along with custom kevlar reinforced rubber air ducts and highest quality fittings ensures optimum performance with unsurpassed reliability and longevity under extreme operating conditions. 

Warm air flows from the turbocharger to the intercooler, returning compressed cool air to the engine. The chilled air returned to your engine by a Safari Intercooler system ensures more power particularly at high ambient temperatures and more importantly, much lower engine operating temperatures with improved engine durability.  

And being a front mount intercooler, it doesn't suffer the serious heat soak problems of top mount or water to air intercoolers, particularly during low speed hard slogging in 4WD conditions.  

The Safari commitment to outstanding performance. "The Safari philosophy will never change: Reliable performance must always be achieved."

Tough Torque: 
At just 2,000 RPM, the Safari 1HZ Intercooled Turbo System produces an incredible 425 Nm of torque. That's a 50% increase over the standard vehicle's 285 Nm at the same engine speed. If you've ever traversed long stretches of sand, you'll know what that means. 

Real Power: 
Installed on your 1HZ diesel, the Safari Intercooled Turbo System delivers a 46% increase in power output from 96 kW to a massive 140 kW. That certainly takes the russian roulette out of overtaking.   

Dynamometer chart showing power and torque at the wheels. 
(Click above for larger picture)
Facts and figures are one thing. Driving is another. You'll discover the best things about your Safari enhanced 100 Series on the road, tracks or on the job. 
  • trickling over 4WD obstacles with crisp and precise throttle response
  • towing big loads up steep grades stress free.
  • blasting up sand dunes.
  • passing long trucks with complete confidence that you have power to do it safely 
With a Safari Intercooled Turbo system you not only enjoy a huge boost in power and torque, you get it with the added bonus of improved fuel economy under load and better long-term durability. 

Why? Because under extreme conditions when you really need, that extra power you get from Safari means more efficiency. Better power to weight. Less stress and strain all through your engine.  

Safari recommends a boost compensator for the Intercooled Turbo system on the 1HZ 100 Series. The boost compensator when correctly tuned on a chassis dynamometer offers maximum power with minimum smoke and greatly enhances the driveability and fuel economy. 

Note: This option is available from limited Safari specialists.