Safari Turbocharger Systems for 4WD diesel offroad vehicles

Safari Diesel Turbocharger System for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 1HZ diesel engine (HZJ80)
The diesel engine efficiency of Toyota's 1HZ engine is legendary, but as most diesel owners know only too well, the downside is somewhat leisurely performance, especially when towing heavy loads or in an armoured vehicle application. 

Not anymore!  

The Safari professionally developed and engineered Safari Turbo System for Toyota's 1HZ diesel delivers amazing performance.    

With thousands of Safari 1HZ turbo systems out there on roads and tracks all over the planet, Safari is the only manufacturer of turbocharger systems with the deep understanding of this engine and the engineering expertise to offer the most durable and powerful turbo enhancement for the 1HZ diesel engine

The heart of the Safari turbocharger System is a super-compact and highly robust air-cooled turbocharger with custom Safari aerodynamic configuration. Through thorough engineering and development, the result is a turbocharger that is ideally suited to the dynamics of the vehicle and with extremely high durability compared to regular diesel spec turbochargers commonly found in retroft turbo systems.

Moreover, the Safari turbocharger turbine housing is manufactured with a special threaded port that is ready for the installation of an exhaust gas temperature probe. The configuration of the EGT port allows the EGT probe to read the correct gas temperature and to respond instantaneously.

The Safari commitment to outstanding performance. "The Safari philosophy will never change: Durable performance must always be achieved."

The base Safari Turbocharger system sets power figures at levels that deliver highly durable engine operation, taking into account the huge demands of powering a heavily loaded Troop Carrier or high speed tourer in ambient conditions from minus 20C to plus 50C.

With a Safari Turbo system you not only enjoy a huge boost in power and torque, you get it with the added bonus of improved fuel efficiency when under load - which means greater operating range. Furthermore, with Safari's special compressor and turbine housing designs, the resultant throttle response is crisp clean and very powerful.

Safari Diesel Turbocharger System
Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series 1HZ diesel engine (HZJ80)
+33% Power
+33% Torque

Best of all, there is a great deal of additional turbocharger capacity in reserve to deliver even higher horsepower levels when combined with the optional Safari High Output Intercooler and Exhaust systems.

In an armoured vehicle application, Safari delivers a number of optional enhancement products to address the special operational requirements of remote locations that demand extended high-load durability in sand and dust, tropical heat and water through to extreme cold and snow. This modular Safari solution is based upon the one Safari turbocharger system in order to address these special operational requirements.