Safari Turbocharger Systems for 4WD diesel offroad vehicles


Extreme Duty Engine Oil Cooler System

Safari's comprehensive and highly effective engine oil cooling system significantly lowers engine oil temperatures during the most arduous high load driving conditions. Moreover, the Safari oil cooler system is designed specifically for armoured vehicle applications both in terms of performance and component location which is totally inside the armoured engine bay envelope.

It is an unavoidable fact that high engine horsepower results in a greater load inside the combustion chambers. Consequently, the engine transfers a higher thermal load to the engine oil used to not only lubricate, but to also quench the underside of the piston crowns.

With the huge power potential of the Safari intercooled turbo system, Safari has stepped up to the plate to address any potential engine oil temperature issues.

There's little doubt that the best in forced induction performance deserves the best protection possible from high engine oil temperatures - particularly under sustained high load conditions.

The extreme duty Safari oil cooling core has huge flow and cooling capacity and is strategically mounted on vibration damping mounts inside the engine compartment . In addition, a comprehensive air deflector system complete with integral thermo-switched electric fan is engineered to channel the highest flow rate of fresh cooling air possible through the oil cooler. Better still, this Safari configuration does not restrict air flow through the engine coolant radiator core and does not impinge upon any known armouring configurations.

Engine oil take-off and return is another area where thorough engineering pays dividends. Hot engine oil is sourced from the supply port on the custom billet aluminium oil filter mount, routed to the oil cooler assembly via highly robust industrial grade hoses and cool engine oil is then returned to the return port of the Safari oil filter mount.

The Safari oil filter mount is an advanced assembly that is designed around the stock Toyota oil filter and incorporates a serviceable internal thermostat and oil temperature switch.

This ensures that the highly efficient engine oil cooler is bypassed when the engine oil temperature is low - for fast cold engine temperature running response. When hot, the integral thermostat opens to deliver oil flow to the Safari oil cooler for rapid oil and engine cooling. In addition, the oil temperature switch is used to activate the oil cooler fan to deliver an even greater level of engine oil cooling performance.

Tough and durable custom Safari oil lines, complete with highly robust connections transfer oil to and from the Safari engine oil cooler. In fact each and every component included in the Safari engine oil cooling system - and indeed the entire Safari turbo and intercooled turbo systems are engineered tough - to support the high engine horsepower and the greatest durability possible.

Best of all, the Safari engine oil cooler system is located inside the engine bay specifically for armoured vehicle applications and performance, durability and serviceability are second to none.

Click here for a detailed chart showing engine oil temperature and ambient temperature during arduous driving conditions in high ambient heat.

Installation Guide
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