Safari Turbocharger Systems for 4WD diesel offroad vehicles


Extreme Duty Clutch
The stock Toyota clutch is very robust and well matched to the torque output of a 1HZ engine and intended use of the stock vehicle up to GVM. Indeed, it can be argued that the torque capacity of the stock clutch has enough headroom to accommodate the increased torque levels of the Safari 160 horsepower turbo system at the rated GVM of the stock vehicle.

In an armoured vehicle application however, the combination of vehicle weight and the enhanced engine torque demands a substantial improvement in clutch performance. Safari have stepped up to the plate and engineered a replacement clutch assembly that has 60% higher torque capacity. That is a huge improvement and best of all, maintains stock driveability characteristics.

The Safari clutch assembly allows the professional operator to fully utilize the torque of the turbocharged 1HZ engine with unsurpassed driveability and durability. Given the increased GVM of a 70 Series Land Cruiser in an armoured vehicle application and/or the increased torque of the Safari 190 horsepower Intercooled Turbo system, Safari recommends the installation of the Safari 60% increased torque capacity clutch assembly.