Safari Intercooler Systems for 4WD diesel offroad vehicles

Safari Intercooler System - SCTD42

The professionally developed and engineered Safari Intercooler System for the Safari turbocharged Nissan GQ Patrol 4.2L diesel engine delivers absolutely amazing performance. It's not only impressive - it's reliable, consistent and sustainable power. The cooler air returned to your engine by the Safari Intercooler system also ensures lower engine operating temperatures.

The standard vehicle's turbo charger function is to compress and force a greater volume of air into the engine, thus producing more power.  However, it is a basic law of physics that when you compress air you increase it's temperature. As hot air is less dense than cool air at the same pressure, the total amount of air available to sustain the correct air/fuel ratio and to produce power is lessened. At high ambient temperatures, the level of power drops off by 15%. 

Not any more!  At Safari, all of our engineering experience and expertise has gone into our Patrol front mount intercooler which offers massive cooling capacity.  Our high efficiency heat exchanger intercooler core utilizes light weight cast aluminium end tanks and offers exceptional efficiency and low restriction. That, along with our custom kevlar reinforced rubber air ducts and highest quality fittings ensures optimum performance with unsurpassed reliability and longevity under extreme operating conditions. 

Warm air flows from the turbocharger to the intercooler, returning compressed cool air to the engine. The cooler air returned to your engine by a Safari Intercooler system ensures more power particularly at high ambient temperatures and more importantly, much lower engine operating temperatures with improved engine durability. 

And being a front mount intercooler, it doesn't suffer the serious heat soak problems of top mount and water-to-air intercoolers, particularly during low speed hard slogging in 4WD conditions. 

The Safari commitment to outstanding performance. "The Safari philosophy will never change: Reliable performance must always be achieved."

An engine that runs cooler, runs more reliably longer. Higher speeds and/or greater load carrying conditions can be maintained too - without the normal fuel consumption penalty as more power for a given volume of fuel (given identical conditions) means more economical fuel consumption. 

For overtaking, towing or touring, the Safari Intercooled System transforms the big Nissan with power and torque you may have never thought achievable. 

Safari Power and Torque
Tough Torque: 
At just 2,000 RPM, the Safari TD42 Intercooler System produces a tidal wave of torque. A further 15% increase at the wheels over the Safari turbo system or 60% compound increase over the standard vehicle. That's 430 Nm of Torque! If you've ever traversed long stretches of sand, you'll know what that means.
Real Power: 
Installed on your Safari turbocharged Nissan TD42 diesel, the Safari Intercooler System delivers a 16% increase in power output at the wheels over Safari turbo system or 60% compound increase over the standard vehicle . That's 140 kW of power - that certainly takes the russian roulette out of overtaking.

Facts and figures are one thing. Driving is another. You'll discover the best things about your Safari enhanced Patrol on the road, tracks or on the job. Torque is vastly improved straight off idle where the standard vehicle can be less than satisfying. 

And best of all, you will be inspired by the Safari enhanced Patrol every day. 
  • trickling over 4WD obstacles.
  • towing big loads up steep grades stress free.
  • blasting up sand dunes.
  • passing a long truck with complete confidence that you have power to do it safely 
Like riding a tidal wave of torque.